Bill of Quantities: 
I also offer the service of quantifying the work to be carried out and can provide an itemised bill of quantities/specification.  This document, along with the drawings will ensure that any contractors pricing the garden will be pricing on exactly the same items and that a clear comparison can be made on cost.  This is therefore a useful document, even if you do not require the full contract management service. 

Tendering and Project Inspection:

I can arrange for the project to be tendered (to reliable contractors who will carry out the work to an excellent standard), and provide you with a tender analysis and final recommendation.  Should you require, I can monitor the works throughout the construction phase to ensure that they are carried out within budget; to a given timescale and also that they follow the original approved design. 


Maintenance & Management: 

Should the site require it, both maintenance regimes and management plans can be developed and supplied for future reference.